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Older people voice support because they grew up in a time when gay people did not have much support at all.

Young people don’t feel a need to tell me they are in my corner because coming out no longer means I have to stand in one.

I’m not trying to sound ungrateful because those messages made me feel so loved, and they are of course lightyears better than being rejected.

These people had only wonderful intentions, but when I would get a message out of the blue just to let me know that someone thinks I am brave and stands by me no matter what, it felt like just another reminder that I was different, that there was something about me that required them to treat me in a special way.

It was a comfort to see that this integral piece of me was not something that would shock everyone I told.

For our generation, it seems it is just not that big of a deal anymore.

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My fellow twentysomethings accepted me by really not reacting at all. There was no widening of their eyes or “oh my Gods,” no beat skipped between the moment I said “I’m in love with this girl” and their “tell me everything about her! No one ever paused a conversation to reassure me that they loved me no matter what because it never occurred to them that I didn’t already know that.

When older people found out I was gay, even if I was not the one to have told them, they more often felt a need to actively reach out and let me know they still love me.

These unsolicited messages of support felt strange–as if they thought I’d assume they would not accept me until they proved otherwise.

They grew up in a time when homophobia was far more rampant, when words like “fag” were tossed around with ease and many considered AIDS God’s punishment to gays.

Actively letting someone know you support them was probably the only way she know you did, and when these people reached out, they just wanted to be sure I wasn’t afraid to be myself around them.

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I am hopeful that as these young people reach adulthood and begin to govern this country, things really will keep getting better.