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Who is oj simpson dating

On the night of September 13, 2007, Simpson led a group of men into a hotel room thinking that he was going to retrieve sports memorabilia that belonged to him.The items were taken back using weapons, leading prosecutors to charge him with armed robbery.‘How is it that you’re still single?Sure,’ a sheepish OJ says.‘Do you still have any of your trophies or awards?’ she asks him.‘It’s funny that you bring that up because I tried getting some of those back a few years ago since they were mine to begin with,’ OJ says, working himself into a rage.‘But it was a little harder than I thought.’That line was a veiled reference to Simpson’s armed robbery in Las Vegas which landed him in prison.

Two weeks ago, Orenthal 'OJ' James Simpson was granted parole after nine years in prison.Simpson (seen above on July 20) was released this week from prison after serving nine years for armed robbery Gadot’s phone begins to ring.‘It’s my friend.I told her to call me in case you were a psycho,’ she says. I’m having a really good time with OJ.’The mere mention of OJ sends her phone buzzing with text messages and calls as it becomes apparent she’s on a date with America’s most famous former murder suspect.The scene begins with Thompson and Gadot’s character on a date in a gourmet restaurant.‘This is my first Bumble date,’ OJ Simpson tells his date.‘I swear, I’ve never used dating apps before.’When he asks his date where she’s from, the woman replies: ‘Bosnia-Herzegovina.’At the time of the OJ Simpson double-murder trial, Bosnia was in the midst of a brutal war that ended in late 1995.‘So that probably dominated the news around then? Gadot’s character says: ‘We were very isolated from the outside world.It was horrible.’A relieved OJ replies: ‘Well, I’m glad you survived.

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