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In 1914 the fleet included: -14 Battleships (no dreadnought will be completed until December 1914): 2 Battleships class Imperator Pavel I, 2 class Ioann Slaloust, Slava, Rostislav, Tsesarevich, Pantelimon (formerly Potemkin), Tri Svititelia, Dvienadsat Apostolov, Imperator Alexander II, Sinop and the Petr Veliky.-19 Cruisers: The 2 cruisers-class Rossia, 3 class Bayan, Rurik, the two cruisers mining class General Admiral, Minin, cruiser-school Pamiat Azova, 2 cruisers class Pallada, 4 class Bogatyr, The Askold, the Almaz and the Zhemtchug.

(The obsolete and immobilized Turkish fleet no longer posed a threat).The Bosnian crisis however allowed the Tsat to raise a budget of 12 million rubles for this program, but the strengthening of the weak squadron of the Pacific was forbidden to concentrate on the German threat and the central empires.A war against a Japanese fleet now almost twice as powerful as in 1905 would have been disastrous.The Japanese attack of this port in 1905 cost the Russian their entire fleet AND the Baltic fleet sent by the Cape of Good Hope (a seven month odyssey) as a reinforcement.The Baltic fleet arrived from its ling trip around the world, only to suffer the most severe and humiliating defeat of its history at Tsushima.

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The Pacific squadron would be reinforced by 2 cruisers and 6 submersibles.