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Vegetarian dating australia

Authorities are more worried about the South American fire ant that has made it into Australia and has been found around Brisbane.

Being very aggressive and having a powerful sting they have killed new born calves and birds and are considered quite able to kill people, authorities have gone to considerable trouble to try and eradicate this ant.

Cassowaries are among the very few birds that can kill a person but the only time on record that happened was in April 1926 when some boys were hunting a cassowary near Mossman, North Queensland.

The cassowary turned and chased the boys and one of them, Phillip Mc Clean, fell over and got his jugular vein on his neck slashed open by the sharp claw on the cassowary's foot.

Their sting is very painful but they kill only about one person every 50 years.

In November 2009 it was reported that up to 6000 feral camels in search of water had invaded Docker River, a small Aboriginal community of about 350 people located about 500km southwest of Alice Springs.

Small but nasty creature only a few centimetres in size but can kill within 12 hours if no medical help is available.

A family had gone to the beach for a swim and noticed the stinger net was gone. Other types of jellyfish nearly disabled the USS Ronald Reagan, measuring 332 metre it is the world's largest aircraft carrier with a crew of 6000 and capable of taking on an entire country's army.

Presuming this meant the stinger season was over they happily jumped into the ocean, not aware the net had been taken away for repairs and the season was far from over. But in Brisbane's Moreton Bay this ginormous ship nearly overheated its engines with Australian jellyfish in large numbers being sucked up in its cooling system and blocking pipes.

She said that one bat scratched her foot and another spat in her face.

Bats, or flying foxes to be precise, can carry the Lyssa virus and when they are aggressive to humans this is a sign they might carry that virus, and Carolyn had to get a lot of injections over the next month.

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The Northern Territory government decided to take action and announced $49,000 in emergency funding for a cull in which helicopters will be used to herd the animals outside the town, where the camels will be shot and left to decay in the desert.