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It was here that he met an old orc with glowing red eyes named Kelgar.

Kelgar told him of the corruption of Gul'dan, and how the old ways had been so much better for the Horde.

The stranger dismissed Hellscream as a "demon-ridden dreamer", and said that the humans were not worth fighting.

Enraged, Thrall challenged the stranger to single combat.

It was some time after that choosing that he was called away by Drek'Thar, and came upon a quiet place where he had never been or seen before. In one of the most spiritual experiences of his life, Thrall befriended the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Wilds.

He takes individuals at face value and treats them with respect until their actions prove that they should be dealt with otherwise.Taretha created a diversion inside Durnholde Keep which allowed Thrall to escape from his cell unnoticed.They met outside the fortress by a cave, where Taretha gave him provisions and supplies. Thrall was later captured and taken to an internment camp run by Lorin Remka.Visiting hunters often bring meat or fur in exchange for refuge from the elements, and human traders from Theramore Isle periodically bring casks of salt ale and seed for crops.While in Orgrimmar, visitors are under Thrall’s protection and he will not tolerate any threats or violence against them. He is rarely alone, and in battle often spends much of his time directing his troops. He mixes a judicious amount of melee with powerful spellcasting to great effect.

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He was clever, quick, and enormous even by orc standards.

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