Updating fcp

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Updating fcp

Even when the software was not ready to ship, users can still see it and ask questions about it.Its always been helpful for professionals to see what's in the pipe, it helps them plan for their future, and when you're in business, being able to anticipate what's coming can be the difference between success and failure.One of Steve Jobs favourite quotes was:"Good artists copy, great artists steal.” That is unless you stole from him, then it was a whole other deal.Then his favourite expression tended to be "thermonuclear war".In any 360˚ NLE, Effects designed for regular video may behave… I imagine we’ll see 360˚ versions of our favorite 3’rd party stuff fairly soon.Importantly, .fcpxml has been updated to v.1.7 to support the new color grading, 360˚VR, and HDR features when exchanging between apps.When running on High Sierra or later, FCP X 10.4 now supports import and playback/editing of HEVC (H265) video and HEIF Images. As usual, you can either Send to Compressor, or create an HEVC “Compressor Settings” Share Destination and export directly from FCP X. After being a few years behind for a while, most of the Logic Plugins have been updated to the latest versions.

As before, set the Library color processing to “Wide Gamut” to access HDR settings.And, as usual, adding a correction changes “No Corrections” to “Color Board 1”. I’d also suggest poking around the Command Editor, as there are a lot of new color-specific Keyboard shortcuts available to be mapped.In addition to the new wheels and curves, Apple has made a number of improvements and enhancements to grading and color effects in FCP X 10.4.For this reason, secrecy has always been a bigger challenge in the professional space then in the consumer space.Apple has a long tradition of secrecy and hyper security.

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Our countdown hits the Top Three with proof that anything related to Final Cut Pro X is an incredibly popular - not to mention at times sensitive - topic out there.