True stories of dating violence dating sites for loney women

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True stories of dating violence

Interviews with abusers and victims form the basis of this discussion of the characteristics and dangers of unhealthy relationships, the importance of honest communication, and cooperative ways of resolving conflict.Follow the links to find out if these statements about teen dating violence are true or false.Substance abuse and dating violence are two different issues that need to be addressed separately.6) FALSE If the police believe an assault has occurred based on the individuals' statements, possible witnesses, demeanor of one or both parties or any property destruction, they can make a warrantless arrest of the abuser.Tell the person that you're there, whenever he or she feels ready to talk.He then fantasizes and reflects on past abuse and how he will hurt her again.Fear of the abuser's threats is usually the #1 reason, but lack of social support or fear that nothing will happen to the abuser also are reasons.To end abuse in teen relationships, abusers much be held responsible for their behavior and possess a willingness to change.

TRUE or FALSE 8) Teenagers frequently will tell someone about dating violence when it happens to them.5) FALSE Alcohol or other drugs are usually an excuse used to justify the abuser's use of violence.The cause of dating violence is the abuser making the choice to engage in this behavior.3) TRUE Young women between the ages of 16-24 are the most vulnerable to intimate partner violence.Approximately one in five female high school students reports being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner.

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Do: Talk to the person in private and let him or her know that you're concerned.

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