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Your website will contain landing pages for your marketing campaigns, business and product information, inbound marketing content, lead generation forms, calls-to-action (CTAs), it will provide access to any deliverables, and anything else you can think of/cram in there.

It provides a way for a business to create and maintain customer loyalty as well as gather feedback.

”There are seemingly endless examples of companies that did not ask enough questions or include enough contrarians in the creation process when designing advertising or marketing campaigns (we’re looking at you, Pepsi).

A thorough SWOT analysis can help you determine weak points in a campaign or product before the Twitterverse has the opportunity to point them out to everyone.

Having a viral marketing campaign is usually a good thing, but you want people to be talking about your brand for the right reasons.

Despite what they say, not all press is good press.

This may be holding back your business instead of providing an advantage.

On the other hand, the competition could have made errors that your business can take advantage of.

Buyer persona analysis can’t be conducted in the same manner as the other items, but a review of your buyer personas should be done regularly.

If you run a multinational conglomerate or a corner store, a B2B or a B2C, or anything in between - if your business makes, sells, or distributes a service or product - you need to be doing SWOT analyses.

SWOT analyses are a crucial part of understanding your business and its overall place in the market.

If you want your business to get on top and stay there, a SWOT analysis should be the first step in your plan.

A SWOT analysis is a comprehensive cataloging of the state of your business, your competition, and your industry.

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