Rich victorian dating

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Rich victorian dating

Teachers may want to break their class up into groups and get students to feed back on a selection of documents and/or annotate them at the white board.

Others may wish to introduce pupils to these documents to create a wider enquiry question of their own, for example on the role of women, the lives of rich and poor or childhood in Victorian times.

The middle classes needed servants too, and in 1900 almost a third of British women aged between 15 and 20 were in service.

Domestic servants represented the largest class of workers in the country, and country houses like Audley End, Essex, had large service wings to accommodate them.

By the 1880s and 1890s, however, most people were benefiting from cheaper imported food and other goods.

Key stage 2 Local history study For example: • a study over time tracing how several aspects national history are reflected in the locality (this can go beyond 1066) • a study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality • a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066 Key stage 3 Local history study For example: • a depth study linked to one of the British areas of study • a study over time, testing how far sites in their locality reflect aspects of national history (some sites may predate 1066) • a study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period before 1066 that is significant in the locality 9.

Print out the sources and sort them into different types of source, for example, photos, drawings, letters or drawings.

These documents can be used alongside our interactive Victorians website which also contains a huge number of sources on the period from The National Archives and objects from Victoria and Albert Museum.

It would be helpful for the pupils to watch the opening video in Start Here on our Victorians website before looking at the sources to get the most out of the questions and activities as well as looking at general guidance questions below on how to evaluate and understand documents.

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The town developed into a popular seaside resort in the 19th century, but most of its inhabitants continued to work in the town’s prosperous herring industry into the 20th century.© Historic England Archive By 1900 there were many diversions and entertainments for rich and poor alike.

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