New radiocarbon dating of fossils suggests

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But some of the preserved trees show some astonishing detail, offering clues as to how they pulled through.These clues come in the form of tree rings and even individual cells preserved in the fossils.In the cold and loneliness, they’ll be walking among the ghosts of a forest long dead, searching for evidence of greener days.A common creationist claim is that humans existed alongside or predated all of their presumed ancestors in the fossil record.Creationists emphasize the close resemblance between these and modern human footprints, but often neglect to mention their extremely small size and the fact they may also be similar to the feet of the australopithecines living at the same time.Exactly how similar they are is a matter of some debate.

afarensis, and suggests they may belong to another species of australopithecine, or an early species of Homo.

These disparate landmasses were once all part of an ancient supercontinent known as Gondwana.

, in fact, was the first real evidence that Gondwana existed.

Some of these are discussed elsewhere on this site: Petralona, ER 1470, the Turkana Boy, and the Krapina specimens.

Other examples are: Laetoli footprints: according to most creationists, these are modern human footprints that are dated at 3.7 million years ago, long before humans were meant to exist.

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The environmental consequences were severe enough that scientists think it took some 10 million years for life on Earth to recover, and the trees were likely wiped out.

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