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Al-Shabaab’s presence in Puntland, in north-east Somalia, has expanded, exacerbating the challenges faced by authorities in the region.Concurrently, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) faction, largely confined to Bari region in north-east Puntland, has grown in numbers and is attracting an increasingly broad range of recruits.

Given the vulnerability of the system to diversion, and the threat this poses to peace and security, particularly amid ongoing tensions between the centre and periphery, the Monitoring Group recommends no further easing of the arms embargo.

Despite limited improvements in public financial management, federal institutions remain incapable of addressing pervasive corruption.

Mechanisms established to review Government contracts have continued to be circumvented, and the lack of transparency regarding company ownership leaves all Government contracts open to concerns of nepotism.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government called repeatedly for the complete lifting of the arms embargo despite its inability to fully comply with its current obligations under the partial lift.

There have been multiple non-notified or partially notified consignments of weapons supplied to both the Federal Government and the regional administrations over the past two years.

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A new Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, and cabinet were appointed by late March.

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