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This was also my first time in Montauk, so I was impressed with the lavish setup of fancy couches and pillows on the beach right by the shoreline.That, and I was very much into the chicken kebabs and sliders being passed around on tiny plates. For the first hour, there was an open bar, so I once again made sure to take advantage of it to get my fair share of mingling moxie via free drinks.Nothing I imagined could have prepared me for the actual hellhole that was this bus trip.First off, if I wanted to be surrounded by a sea of un-self-aware finance bros who live in Murray Hill for FIVE HOURS IN TRAFFIC, I would just move to Murray Hill. Second, I have serious qualms about the lack of diversity on the bus (and at the party in general).Here's what happened: Brett: I went into this singles mixer open and optimistic, perhaps naïve, about how the night would unfold — but I did vaguely know what to expect.An app marketing itself to ~elite singles~ is going to attract a certain type of person, and I did not feel like that type of person whatsoever.I sat there for a solid couple of minutes like an awkward goober, thinking she was just finishing up a conversation, until she got up and walked away.Admittedly, I was a bit thrown and baffled by the interaction — but I attempted to chalk it up to her stressing over organizing the event and perhaps being a bit frazzled overall.

On July 31, The League held an exclusive party at the Surf Lodge hotel in Montauk, New York, promising great cocktails and an even better sunset.This was especially due to the fact that every guy around me looked like the kind of dude that picked on me for not being so great at kickball in middle school.There were mimosas, bottles of rosé, vodka cocktails, and more.This part of the evening was actually quite pleasant and only helped to maintain my naïve optimism.Jarry: At one point, one of the finance bros passed around a nude photo some poor girl had texted him in confidence. Sweeeet." Did I mention that we suffered through five hours of this?

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Jarry: When they told us the "party bus" was BYOB, some people decided to bring six-packs of beer, but I decided to bring low expectations.