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The intermediate projections reflect the Trustees' best estimate of future experience.All mortality projections presented in this study are from the intermediate projections of the 2005 Annual Report of the OASDI Board of Trustees.This study presents cohort life tables by sex for births in decennial years 1900 through 2100, reflecting the mortality experience and projections described above.A life table treats the mortality experience upon which it is based as though it represents the experience of a single birth cohort consisting of 100,000 births who experience, at each age x of their lives, the probability of death, denoted q A population with these characteristics would have a constant number of persons from year to year (in fact, at any time) both in their total number and in their number at each age. Data Sources Annual tabulations of numbers of deaths by age and sex are made by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) based on information supplied by States in the Death Registration Area, and are published in the volumes of . Deaths are provided by five year age groups for ages 5 through 84, in total for ages 85 and older, and by single-year and smaller age intervals for ages 4 and under.A cohort, or generation, life table is based on, or represents, mortality experience over the entire lifetime of a cohort of persons born during a relatively short period of time, usually one year.Cohort life tables based directly on population experience data are relatively rare, because of the need for data of consistent quality over a very long period of time.Each type of table can be constructed either based on actual population data or on expected future experience.A period life table is based on, or represents, the mortality experience of an entire population during a relatively short period of time, usually one to three years.

Because incentives for filing a death certificate are so strong (obtaining burial permits, collecting insurance benefits, settling estates, etc.) and because every State has adopted laws that require the registration of deaths, it is believed that errors of under-registration of deaths are insignificant for the nation as a whole. resident population by single year of age and sex are made by the Census Bureau and are published in Series P-25.However, as actual data have become more abundant and more reliable, the use of approximate analytical methods have become less necessary and acceptable.Today, mortality is most commonly represented in the form of a life table, which gives probabilities of death within one year at each exact integral age.To produce these financial estimates, projections of the population in the Social Security coverage area are needed.One of the essential components of population projections is a projection of mortality, which is the subject of this study.

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If the experience study is limited to short periods of time, the resulting rates will be more uniformly representative of the entire period.

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