Dating romantic love in italy

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Dating romantic love in italy

For all the nods to Italian directors Vittorio De Sica and Michelangelo Antonioni, the Italian characters are mostly clichés, from the chubby child who spends his day in a white tank top hanging about with his “nonna” in a pasta shop, to the handsome but tacky young man who’s been dating Francesca for a decade but is reluctant to marry.

And for a show that’s often savvy when it comes to cultural nuances, it flattens the town of Modena into a generic Italian setting, with no attention to the local parlance.

Spending time with a series of people you could do just fine without. In one scene, Dev admits to his date that he sends an identical message to every woman he matches with on the app: “I’m going to Whole Foods. But I think this happens despite, not because of, the way they met.

Watching Dev and Francesca walk around Storm King and dance a twist reminded me of exactly why the Italian romantic in me really can’t resign to the industrialization of love-hunting.

But the way the characters’ relationship unfolds over the course of the second season really did look familiar.

In Italy, there’s not really a formal dating scene.

There are no rules about what’s too much or too little texting, and not as much urgency to define a relationship.As I watched the scene, I could feel my chest swelling with the Proustian mix of excitement and nostalgia that gets triggered by unexpected reminders of just how much I miss Italy, and how far I am from home as I negotiate life in New York City.But it wasn’t just cultural belonging that I found myself longing for.It was the organic way in which relationships develop in Italy—so different from the frantic, exhausting dating scene among young urban professionals in the US.To be fair, I have some nitpicks with ‘s depiction of Italy in its first two episodes.

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As New York Magazine recently observed, “Francesca never seems to transcend as her main personality trait.

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