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In fact he likely never left Scotland until his invasion of Northern England in 1297.In the Film, Edward I grants prima-nocte in Scotland, in which when any common girl inhabiting Scotland would be married, English lords would have sexual rights to her on the first night of her wedding........... In the Film, Edward II marries Isabella of France around 1296, before Wallaces rebellion starts............You know what’s really weird about this commercial?It really seems like the kid actor is just as confused as we are with the two “fathers” in the gay-themed ad. Probably homemade soup is better than that canned crap, right? In reality, Robert the Bruce was in fact the 7th Robert Bruce and his father was not dying of Leprosy.In the Film, William Wallace has no intention of fighting the English or freeing his country until his wife Murron is killed................Still, the film itself brought William Wallace to international noteriety and resurging many scottish peoples patriotism and rememberence of their Hero.To many that is more than worth it, however many wonder how accurate the film actually was, here are my Braveheart historical innacuracies...

Did William Wallace really look like the photo above? The 5'11, small statured, clean shaving Mel Gibson doesn't look like the well over 6', large statured and bearded William Wallace of history.

Edward would strip Balliol of his crown in 1296 after the war between the Scottish and English breaks out.

In the Film William Wallaces father is Malcolm Wallace whom is later killed along with young Williams brother John, after which Williams uncle Argyle adopts the young boy..............

In reality, If indeed there was a girlfriend/spouse/wife of Wallaces whom was killed it would have fuelled his anger even more, however he was already an outlaw against the English before she would have been killed.

Wallace had refused to sign the Ragman Roll from the very beginning, even before his supposed wife had been killed, he was opposed to English rule.

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