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Brainaic dating

Well, if you're okay with spoiling Brainiac's arcade ending, read about the rest of this character sheet.... Okay, so in Battle Simulator, it turns out the playable Brainiac is really a disguise for Brainiac 5, a heroic descendant of, you guessed it, Brainiac.He's returned to defeat his ancestor to clear the name of his species and undo his many crimes.Now under the title of "Hellboy", he fights with the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense to protect the world from the malevolent forces of the underworld.The God of Thunder and guardian deity of Earthrealm, Raiden is wholeheartedly dedicated to the protection of his realm and its people.Since then he has been out for the blood of the Guardians of the Universe and any who serve them, going so far as to form his own Lantern Corps, powered by the Red Light of Rage and filled with monstrously angry people who were victims of a great wrong just like he was.Sustained by his Red Lantern Ring in place of his heart and his blood replaced with molten hot plasma, Atrocitus now seeks to fulfil his long-promised revenge, punish the guilty with lethal force and fill the ranks of his corps with new members.His steely gaze now falls on Hal Jordan, prodigal Green Lantern, to be his latest recruit.Aiding Atrocitus in his endeavours is Dex-Starr, Earth's Red Lantern — a once-ordinary cat who was filled with rage after witnessing the murder of his kindly owner.

June Moone was taken over a demonic sorceress known as The Enchantress that also seeks to take over the world next.

And despite his reputation, Aquaman is a more than formidable fighter, equipped with the lightning of the Trident of Poseidon, a kraken at constant attention, and the unflinching strength water provides all Atlanteans.

Once a simple family man with a wife and children, Atrocitus is the last survivor of Sector 666, the victim of a massacre by the Manhunters caused by defective programming.

Too violent for Batman's allies and too unreliable for Superman's Regime, Red Hood works alone to protect innocents and bring justice to criminals, without mercy.

The crown princess of her planet, Starfire possesses superhuman strength, flight and can shoot energy bolts from her body.

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Now he aids his master in battle through plasma blasts and other assists.

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